What is Breathwork?


First of all, The breath is the only automatic and controlled system within our body. This means most of the day we breathe without awareness and it keeps us alive!  AND we can completely control its process to tap into our nervous system and change how we are feeling.


In every moment, we can calm our minds down using the power of the breath, yet we don’t tap into this powerful tool when we really need it and are flooded with our emotionality.


Breathwork has been described as an active form of meditation because in the process of  actively thinking about your breath you have the power to alter your conscious state. 


Why is Breathwork important? 


You are able to drop from your busy mind into the body. In the body is where the magic and true healing happen!


Using the Tool of Breathwork return the power of healing BACK to the BREATHER! You are your own healer and in the breathwork process you can tap back into this wisdom.  


Learning to use the breath in the midst of a trigger, tapping into the emotionality and moving the energy through will help you to respond from your highest truth 


Everything you need to live the life you want, everything you need to be the person you want to be is already inside of you.  


You just need help accessing it.


You need help stripping away the layers of suffering, struggle, anxiety, and stress.


You need to learn how to connect with your body on a deeper level and create a felt sense of safety, peace, and well-being WITHIN yourself.


Breathwork can help you reconnect into your body so that you can finally access your innate wisdom, safety, and calm. 

Breathwork is for you if…


Desire to feel more calm and inner peace so you can show up for your life and loved ones from this place. 

Desire to trust your body and tap into it’s healing powers.


Desire to strengthen your intuition and stop looking outside yourself for answers 


Desire to truly feel your POWER and connect to your TRUTH   


Benefits of Breathwork 

  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Elevates mood
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Aid in positive self-development
  • Boost immunity
  • Process emotions, heal emotional pain and trauma,
  • Develop or increase self awareness
  • Work through grief, PTSD, depression and anxiety
  • Increase confidence, self-image and self-esteem
  • Increase joy and happiness
  • Overcome addictions
  • Release negative thoughts
  • Overcome chronic pain



Breathwork is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  The first time I was introduced to it was at Dr. Michaela’s Unstoppable You Retreat. I will never forget this experience. Near the end of the session I broke out into uncontrollable laughter.  I Simultaneously felt this out of body experience of being surrounded by light and a feeling of pure love.  It’s hard to describe, but I experienced this “knowing” that this life is supposed to be fun, full of joy, not to be taken so seriously. Following the laughter was a deep emotional release.  I’ve had meditations that had been perspective changing, but nothing on this level.  I’ve learned that no two sessions are the same and not to have expectations, but the emotional release and healing I have experienced, thus far, has been incredible

Brandy Golightly

“My body felt rejuvenated and flowing again, and I felt like I had processed and
worked through a slew of stuck emotions and feelings.
It was like a re-set button on my body, heart, and mind- and I could not wait to do it again.”

Nicole M

” As a person, who struggles with calming my mind, doing everything for everyone else and releasing emotions that weigh me down, I found the Breathwork sessions aided me to release so many emotions and bring me to a sense of peace. Tension in my body drifted away and I found myself thinking clearer and more positive than I have in a long time.”

Julie D

Breathwork Offerings 

Breathwork 6 Week Group Coaching Program
A 6-week program that includes 6 Breathwork sessions followed by group coaching calls, connecting with like minded women, access to a private Facebook group and unlimited emails contact with Dr. Michaela to help guide you during your day-to-day. The sessions are designed to dive deep into self-discovery and explore the concept of taking radical responsibility for your energy so you can show up as your best self.  

Next Session Begins March 24th- April 26th 2022 (6 consecutive Thursday nights- calls will be recorded)

4 Month Private Coaching Program
A four month container designed for you to dive deep into your healing journey.


Using Embodiment Tools and Breathwork to empower you to HEAL yourself.

                                                                                               CA$1, 599.00


Includes: Bi-weekly coaching calls with Dr. Michaela


Daily what’s app contact with Dr. Michaela for ongoing support


Audio recordings for home breathwork practice


Individual Breathwork Coaching Session
1 on 1 private Breathwork 60 minute coaching session with Dr. Michaela curated specially for you and your intentions. 



Breathwork Community Class- Sunday Nights
A free 75-minute Breathwork session ideal for first time breathers to TRY IT OUT and experience the power of breathwork for yourself!











Breathwork Home Audio Series
Four pre-recorded
 Breathwork sessions mail to your inbox and available to you whenever you need a Breathwork reset of check-in

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