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Soul Sister Meet-up

$19.99 Per Visit

Feeling like you need a dose of inspiration? drop in and you will leave feeling UNSTOPPABLE & ready to tackle any goal!

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Soul Sister Meet-up

$159 Annual Membership

Lasting change is attained through consistent change in mindsets and habits. Let our knowledgeable experts and tribe of inspiring members shape your way of thinking and let Unstoppable You be your newfound habit!

Soul Sister Meetups

Access to 9 riveting and inspiring Soul Sister meetups

Each meetup includes a 15-minute how-to video, and a guided meditation, movement, breathwork session that varies from week-to-week. We like to keep things fresh and exciting!

Accountability Support

Unlimited email and accountability support through our Unstoppable You Facebook group

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance from knowledgeable and attentive speakers, dedicated to making you feel Unstoppable

Exclusive Discount

Exclusive discount to our Unstoppable You Retreat at Langdon Hall

Next Retreat — November 6th & 7th 2020

Spiritual Running Buddy

Spiritual Running Buddy to keep your soul rawring

We partner you with a like-minded member going through a similar Unstoppable You journey, so that you always have a little sherpa in your corner.

Unstoppable Today Kit

Unstoppable Today Kit to give you the tools you need to climb that metaphorical mountain

Kit Includes: an Unstoppable You mug, tea, journal, pen, MP3 meditations, mantra sticky notes, bracelets, and more!

Uplifting Monthly Topics

  • Creation and Intention
  • Power of Presence
  • Intuition
  • Observe The Voice
  • Make Friends with Fear
  • Worthiness
  • Integrity
  • The Big Leap

Stay on Track

Monthly take-home projects to help you stay on track

Networking and Bonding

Networking and social bonding, with tasty refreshments and snacks to keep your body charged.

... and much more!

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Unstoppable Today Kit


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